“Two peas in the communist pod”

Hillary Clinton has a new book out titled, “The Book of Gutsy Women.” She and her daughter Chelsea penned it. Knowing her, it was ghost written, but who knows.

Hillary’s best-selling book lists 100 gutsy women including Greta Thunberg. She stated the world needs more gutsy women. She’s on a self-aggrandizing tour to promote the book and by implication, she probably hopes to also appear gusty. Probably as a prelude for another presidential bid. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is now being pushed as the front-runner and Hillary has met with her. Warren has been called Hillary 2.0, and the DNC may already rigging things in her favor. Biden is fading fast. Will we see a Clinton/Warren ticket?


Both Warren and Hillary are not ‘gutsy.’ A better word would be ‘cheeky.’ The dictionary defines the word cheeky as “boldly rude, impudent, or disrespectful in usually a playful or appealing way.” Hillary may be in playful mode right now, but she’ll never be appealing. Warren is about as appealing as a scolding and authoritarian schoolteacher with a ruler in hand—ready to slap wrists.

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Hillary and Warren are accomplished liars. Warren thought she was a Native American due to her high cheekbones. She claimed to be a woman of color in order to further her career. Talk about cheekiness and chutzpah. Hillary is now lying about Trump, Tulsi, and even Jill Stein being ‘Russian assets.’ She doesn’t care how ridiculous that sounds. She’s cheeky.


Both women are rude, pushy, brassy and audacious bold-faced liars with unmitigated gall. Again, they are not gutsy. Tulsi Gabbard is the one with real courage. Although I disagree with her on many issues, she has the guts to stand up to Hillary and a rigged Democrat Party and tell them the truth to their faces. She has served her country in the military. She’s honorable. Hillary and Warren are not honorable. They’re sociopaths.

—Ben Garrison

PS by Tina

Don’t Trust Tulsi- she is still a radical Leftist.  Enjoy Her fight with the Queen of Warmongering- but always remember who she is!

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