Jen Psaki is a career political hack. She worked as deputy press secretary in the Obama administration. Once Trump was elected she spewed propaganda on CNN.

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Now that China Joe has been installed through election fraud, Psaki is back. She seems a perfect fit for the Biden regime. She seems unprepared, evasive, and untruthful. She has all the charm of a soulless and unblinking political shark that she is. Biden’s mouthpiece is now famous for her ‘I’ll circle back to you on that’ line, which has gone viral.

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Psaki also mocked the “Space Force” and made a homophobic tweet about Lindsey Graham. So much for Unity.

Psaki is a talking doll. Others pull her string and she then babbles proscribed and scripted lies. Jen makes a good face for the leftist media. She’s a socialist sycophant relaying talking points to other socialist sycophants. There is no journalism involved. It’s just one big circle jerk.

Orange Woman bad!

—The GrrrTeam

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