Collusion Truthers Refuse to Give Up

The Mueller Report has wrapped up after a grueling two plus years. The findings are no collusion and no obstruction of justice by Trump and his campaign.

The radical Left and the Democrat party (I repeat myself) had their hopes and dreams pinned to the outcome of Mueller’s 300 page report. Those dreams were dashed, destroyed, and crushed on Sunday when “No Collusion” findings were released.

The Fake News Media was stunned. The radical Democrats were shocked. Trump was vindicated and took a victory lap at his rally in Michigan on Thursday night.

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But some of the worst Russia collusion hypers and liars refused to give up.

Eric Salwell appeared on TV still pushing the old worn out lie, “Orange Man Bad! Collusion is there!” He refuses to believe defeat of his beloved fake narrative, “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff has been asked to resign from the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff is still lying to the American people and should be forced to step down. Leaky Schiffy Schiff has been one of the main pushers of lies and unsupported accusations about the President. He needs to go!

Brennan has been unmasked as the jackass he is. He is one of the main players and has accused President Trump of treason, a crime punishable by death. Brennan needs to be hauled before congress and answer for his own “treasonous” acts.

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Mad Maxine Waters is nothing but a loud mouth fool screeching “im-PEACH 45!” for the last two years. She should hang her head in shame and resign. Of course that will not happen as Democrats have no shame.

And last, but not least Nadler, Mr. Weird Eyebrow himself, vows to keep looking for that elusive collusion evidence no matter what.

The Democrats are after one thing, power at all costs. Now they will drum up the next outrageous Trump scandal just in time for 2020.

They need to be mocked and ridiculed. As Rush said, “pound them into the ground, and defeat them, there is no common ground with these people”.

Rush is right.


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