Sanders solution is to get rid of something that was working for America: Capitalism. Granted, it’s not working so well any more, but it’s because we no longer really have it. We have ‘crony capitalism,’ that benefits the 1 percent. Sanders could have done something to fundamentally change the system by joining with Ron Paul in 2010. He could have supported the bill that called for a full audit of the Fed. Instead Sanders sold out and sided with Sen. Dodd to gut Audit the Fed.
Bernie is also an avowed socialist, he plans on raising taxes on everyone despite the obvious failure of socialism all over the world.
Bernie doesn’t have a chance to win the nomination. That means Hillary will win. Her chicken is even worse. It’s extra greasy and made with a batter of lies. Once Bill gets back in the white house he’ll be subjecting young women to his secret sauce. Ewww. Please, NO MORE CLINTONS! And no more Bushes, either.