Deep State Cure

Bill Gates, whose net worth is over $100 billion, once remarked that vaccines could reduce world population by 10 to 15 percent.

Bill is a member of the ‘Big Club.’ He’s an unelected world leader. He and his fellow controllers at the top of the pyramid pretty much own the planet. It’s theirs. They want it turned into their own personal paradise. They don’t want more ‘useless eaters’ and more polluting humans mucking things up. That’s why Gates pushes GMO foods and 5G. The latter is a lot more concerning than the current coronavirus.

The vaccine-obsessed Gates recently warned that the coronavirus may be the ‘once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about’ I doubt he’s worried about it at all. It’s probably all going according to plan. One of Gates’ allies will come up with a special vaccine that would cure it and who knows…maybe lawmakers will make such a shot mandatory. California has already accomplished that tyranny. We should have control over our own bodies and what goes into them, but the Big Club would turn us into their citizen cattle.

The scientific, corporate, and political ‘authorities’ love vaccines. Through their propaganda they’ve made it seem as if the human immune system is no longer trusted–even though millions of years have been invested in its development. Suddenly, we’re told it needs endless help via needle jib jabs. The vaccine ingredients include mercury, aluminum, aborted fetal and animal cells, and a litany of other junk mostly ignored by doctors and patients alike. Just shut up and take your damn shot! You’re not anti-science, are you? That’s the militantly angry reaction from authorities when vaccinations are questioned.

The tremendous upswing in dementia could be caused by an aluminum build-up in the brain. Autism is off the charts. Chemical bombs are going off in brains of children due to over vaccination. There is plenty of evidence pointing to the barbarity of vaccination, yet those who merely question vaccines are smeared as conspiracy theorists and nut jobs.

I don’t trust the CDC. Those who run it come and go through revolving doors, trading positions with Big Pharma. I don’t trust the World Health Organization and its ties to a UN globalist agenda. I don’t trust the Chicoms. I don’t trust any vaccine coming out of China. I don’t trust the corporate mass media who brainwash people into taking constant flu shots. I particularly distrust Bill Gates, who comes from a pro-abortion, pro-eugenics family. By the time he does bring about a vaccine, the current virus will most likely have mutated—like most flu viruses. The vaccine will be useless. A patient may recover from the flu, but the junk in the vaccines will stay their bodies until death. They may even cause people to die sooner than later. That’s what the Big Club wants. Just take a look at their Georgia Guidestones. They enjoy telling us what they want to make happen.

It could be that the virus is a distraction—a crisis for us to focus on while they pull other shenanigans. The conspiracy theories are myriad, but I’m sure of one thing: The cure will be worse than the disease.


—Ben Garrison

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