Democrat Death Wish

Cartoon published 06/20/2024

The Democrats are in trouble and everyone knows it. They are putting on a brave face and pretending Biden has the election in the bag, but everyone knows that they are panicking.

The White House Press Secretary pulled out her ‘sit and spin’ and furiously spun out lies about an unedited viral video of Joe Biden freezing up and being led off the stage by former President Obama. She claimed it was fake.

“Cheap fakes, deep fakes,” she repeated over and over to the press, giving the fake news the talking points needed to gaslight the American public. The Democrats needed the equivalent of an Eric Swalwell-sized gas explosion in order to gaslight everyone into believing Joe Biden was perfectly fit for office and sharp as a tack. More like sharp as a bowling ball.

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Another video emerged that showed Biden struggling to get into an SUV. Biden is done. He’s gone. He has checked out. Nevertheless, the Democrats are sticking with Joe until the DNC convention in August, where most likely they will pull the old switcheroo and swap out old Joe out for a more palatable candidate. Will it be Hillary? Gavin Newsom? Roger Stone thinks it will be Michelle Obama. After all, Barack has to keep his communist plans on schedule. No matter who the replacement might be, If the Democrats stick with Joe Biden it will be comparable to committing seppuku, otherwise known as Hari-kari—suicide by Biden.


Biden will not be able to win. To be sure the Democrats will cheat, but that cheating will have to be outrageously big and all-encompassing and it will be quite obvious to everyone. President Trump is planning to swamp the ‘Swamp’ with a historic voter turnout that will be ‘too big to rig.’ The Marxist handlers of Joe Biden know that if they stick with Joe, they will all go down with him—and many of them will face retribution for their crimes once Trump is in office. Therefore they must formulate a plan to put Biden out to pasture and it must happen soon. Perhaps shortly after Biden’s debate, which is sure to be another disaster.

Save the Republic, vote Trump!

—The GrrrTeam

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