Senator Manchin Shames Democrats in Their Attempt to Nuke Filibuster in Order to Pass Freedom to Cheat Bill

I cannot support such a perilous course for this nation when elected leaders are sent to Washington to unite our country, not to divide our country,” he argued.

“Let this change happen in this way, and the Senate will be a body without rules,” Manchin warned.

Standing in the way of the “Cheating Rights Bill,” the “Build Better Breadlines Bill,” and nuking the filibuster, are two Democrat senators, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want to ram their radical wish list of communist polices through the Senate, but are being foiled by two of their own senators who apparently are putting the welfare of the country over the progressive power grab.

Who knew two Democrats would be the thin “blue” line against tyranny?

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Thank goodness Manchin and Sinema are standing strong. They should be encouraged. The far left radicals have been harassing Senator Sinema ruthlessly trying to break her.

Let’s hope she continues to stand strong for the country.

Senator Manchin’s approval rating has skyrocketed in his home state of West Virginia, apparently opposing the Biden regime’s agenda is very popular. Stand strong Senator Manchin, you may want to switch parties and help give the GOP a backbone.

Always keep in mind the ruthless communist Democrats never give up, they may lose the battle but always come back even more vengeful and determined to force their unpopular policies upon the country. Most Americans want nothing to do with the Democrat’s micro managing of their lives.

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Biden’s approval rating is the lowest in history. Take away 10 points and you will have the real number, Kamala’s approval rating is even lower.  Even the media is turning on Biden and waiting breathlessly to cheer the “change of batter” that is certain to be announced.

Will it be Hillary?

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Expect the unexpected with the Democrats.

2022 has just begun but it looks to be a historic year with the epic failures of Biden and his puppet masters piling up. We need to encourage Senators Sinema and Manchin to keep holding the line.

Contact them here:

Senator Manchin

Senator Sinema


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