Empty Shelves, Empty Head.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll has Clueless Joe with a 33% approval rating, a huge 17% drop since February of 2020. Take away 20 points and you will have the real numbers. Independents are very displeased with Mr. Uniter, only 25% approve. Staggering numbers for the “most popular president” ever, Mr. 81 million votes.  It is so obvious that this is a blatant lie and no one but the brainwashed believe.

Biden’s approval ratings have tanked as inflation has spiked. Empty shelves are appearing in stores all over the country. What do your shelves look like? here’s a couple from our local Safeway.

Biden sympathizers claim the empty shelves are a result of supply chain issues. They won’t tell you that because of jab mandates, 40% of American truckers refuse to get the clot shot and are not allowed into ports to pick up goods.

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The latest in the “blame game” is saying your empty shelves are caused by “climate change.” If you are dumb enough to swallow that, I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Montana.  In fact, if climate change is the cause, why didn’t we have empty shelves during President Trump’s first term?

“Climate change” was present then, correct? Why did climate change wait to spring upon our grocery goodies and empty our shelves during Resident Biden’s sad stay at the fake White House set?   Maybe because this was all caused by Biden’s policies?  Droolin’ Joe, the feeble puppet, was cheated into office so the globalist marxists could install the “Great Reset.”

Build Back Better was in reality, “Build Back Breadlines.”

Americans across the nation are being jolted awake from their slumber. Never before in history has a President failed so completely and so miserably. You have to really work hard to be this much of a failure. That’s why the only conclusion is this was all planned to go down this way so the people scream for “government” to come save them. And just like clockwork, the Great Reset is put in place.

“You will own NOTHING and be happy”

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The marxist Democrats need to be tarred and feathered and run out of DC.  The same goes for the media and all the bad actors that inflicted this madness upon the American people. The people who created the Plandemic and 10% inflation need to be held accountable for their deeds. This must never happen again and only the American people can make that happen.


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