Epstein Gets Rubbed Out

UPDATE: The Washington Post reported late Wednesday that among Epstein’s broken bones was his hyoid, a horseshoe-shaped bone situated near the Adam’s apple in men. Forensic experts told the Post that hyoid breaks are plausible in hanging cases yet are more common in homicide victims who are strangled to death.

from Breitbart

Epstein was suicided after being taken off of suicide watch. The surveillance camera malfunctioned.

There were no recordings. The guards weren’t watching. Someone wanted Epstein dead, or at least removed and disappeared. The photo of the body at the hospital didn’t look like Epstein—not exactly. This is the kind of event that spawns ‘conspiracy theories,’ which are now equated with terrorism by the censorious ‘authorities.’

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Everyone knows the whole situation reeks of outrageous corruption, but what will be done about it?

Probably nothing.

An FBI investigation? That’s a joke—they may as well send in Inspector Clouseau. Besides, the FBI, CIA, and/or the Mossad were probably in on it. There will be no investigation. More likely, we’ll see a cover-up and misdirection. The media are already blaming President Trump and expressing outrage because #Clintonbodycount was trending on Twitter.

Protecting their masters is the corporate media’s job. 

The Deep State wanted Epstein gone and they weren’t about to let mere rules and regulations stop them. They don’t care if we’re on to their game—they will continue to be above the law and slap justice in the face. Bill Clinton gets away with it again.

Stay mad, America.

—Ben Garrison

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