Run Snoopy Run!

Dr. Fauci was caught using US taxpayer money to fund the torture of helpless beagles in Tunisia. Fauci is facilitating cruel and unnecessary experimentation on dogs. The NIH, which is led by Fauci, sent $378,800 in taxpayer money to a lab in Tunisia to infest dogs with biting parasites. The dogs were drugged so they could not move and their heads were placed in mesh boxes where thousands of sand flies were released and basically ate the dog’s face while it was still alive. The dogs’ vocal cords were cut so the staffers would not be bothered by the puppies screaming out in pain.

Sounds like a horror movie?

No, this is REAL LIFE HORROR. Anyone with a conscience can see this is torture!

The photo of the beagles with their heads inside the mesh cages is so disturbing we will not post it here.

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What’s even MORE disturbing is that the FDA does not require drugs to be tested on dogs, so why the need for such testing?

Fauci will never admit he lied, he will go on escaping accountability and keep stretching the truth to cover his ass.

Ask yourself this, if the NIH and Fauci can happily spend taxpayer money to torture and murder puppies, why not murder people, too?

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Will you be next?

Your children?

Nazi medical Doctor Josef Mengele, known as “The Angel of Death” would be proud of Fauci and his NIH.

It’s time to put Fauci before a military tribunal for crimes against humanity.

Even better, should Fauci be given the “puppy treatment” let’s give the evil soulless Doctor a dose of his own medicine!  

Hang in there Snoopy, help is on the way, beagles unite!



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