Spin the Wheel Make A Deal..Fauci’s Wheel Of Misfortune

We’ve all heard Biden’s mumbled phrase, ‘Build Back Better.’ Building back implies something is broken, but many things were still working under President Trump. Our southern border was under control. A wall was being built. The country was energy self-sufficient. There were jobs and a free flow of goods. The price of gas at the pumps was the lowest it had been in years. A pipeline was being built. There was some semblance of law and order. Trump chucked the climate change bunk and eliminated the trans nonsense from our military.

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In order to build back better, Biden and his socialist Democrats must first destroy. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing. Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline. He ended the wall, left our southern border wide open and encouraged millions to flow into our country. He humiliated America with the Afghanistan withdraw and left billions in equipment to the Taliban and called it a success. He apologized to the globalists and got back on board with the climate change scam. Gas prices skyrocketed. Ports were blocked. Crime skyrocketed. Gender dysphoria was encouraged. Highways are racist and must be destroyed. Biden and his laughable cabinet are more than incompetent. They’re intentionally destroying America in order to build it back with socialist tyranny.

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The so called pandemic has also been part of that destruction. It has been used to steal an election, lock us down, destroy small businesses as well as destroy our spirit. It’s even worse than that, though. It’s about culling humanity. The mRNA jabs have killed tens of thousands and injured millions. Since there has been no long-term testing on humans, who knows how many more will die over time. Fauci and Gates predicted it would happen and they made it happen not just to remove Trump, but also a large portion of humanity.

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Now they’ve moved on to harm the children. Fauci tortured innocent dogs. Such a sadist will naturally take delight in the destruction of innocent kids. We should no longer use the title ‘Dr.’ Fauci. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. Fauci has already committed genocide and he’s not finished yet.

Children have nearly a 100 percent chance of surviving COVID-19. Most who get it are asymptomatic. We’re told they must get the injections to keep them and others ‘safe.’ They don’t want kids spreading it around to adults, but if those adults are vaccinated, why aren’t they already safe? As it turned out, everyone who has been fully vaccinated can still spread the disease. They can still get the disease and they can still die form the disease. The shots are neither safe nor effective.

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Even if everyone gets jabbed, slave masks must still be worn. I predicted when the first masks were mandated (shortly after Fauci said they weren’t necessary) that they would become permanent. They have. Masks are very deleterious to kid’s physical and emotional health. The unnecessary vaccinations will cause even more damage. Are you listening, parents?

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The vaccines will also become permanent if Joe’s mandate is not resisted. The leviathan government will own the bodies of everyone. They will have the permanent power over what goes into those bodies. We must resist!

The Pfizer CEO went on a rant and said those spreading anti-vax material are ‘criminals.’ In reality, Pfizer and Big Pharma operate criminal organizations. They’ve killed countless people with drugs such as Vioxx and they’ve paid billions in fines. They are about making money, not solving health problems. If everyone were perfectly healthy due to their jabs, their business would suffer, so expect them to push endless boosters. Bear in mind Big Pharma companies aren’t subject to Joe’s vaccine mandate. The Pfizer CEO hasn’t even taken his own vaccine.

Now Bill Gates is warning about a new and more deadly virus on the horizon, and when he tells us about it, a big smile inevitably spreads across his nerdy face. He, Biden, and Fauci are dangerous monsters and we must resist them. If not now, then when?

— Ben Garrison

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