Special Cartoon: FBI Is the New Gestapo

Cartoon Published 08/09/2022

We at GrrrGraphics are on vacation this week, but the FBI raid on Trump’s home was outrageous and shocking. It deserved a cartoon, so I dashed one out.

If it wasn’t clear before, it’s now crystal clear that the FBI works for the Democrat Party. Hillary egregiously broke the law, yet former FBI Director Comey gave her a pass. Fifty top leaders of the security agencies swore to a judge that Hunter’s laptop was Russian propaganda. It was a lie. Why are they not now being prosecuted for perjury?

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Trump supporters get the book tossed at them for minor process errors. Hunter Biden commits felonies, smokes crack, launders money, and gets it on with Russian hookers and the FBI protects him instead of prosecuting him. Joe Biden is as dirty as his son, but he suffers no consequences either. Criminals who get away with their crimes will commit more of them. They will continue to make a mockery of justice until they are stopped.

Biden and his party have repeatedly shown that they are all-too willing to target their political opponents and they enjoy using the FBI to humiliate them. The FBI is the muscle that protects the D.C. Swamp. We saw 30 armed FBI agents storm Mar-a-Lago to seize documents. They even cracked Trump’s safe. (It was empty). All of this was done with a questionable warrant. Trump’s lawyers were not allowed to observe what was done during the raid.

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Why was the FBI involved at all? Surely the question of whether or not Trump had White House papers could have easily been solved quietly. At the most, it should have been a matter for the Secret Service, not the FBI. But the Democrats wanted another drama show and sure enough, the marxist mainstream media are already calling Trump a criminal.

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This gross abuse of power and further weaponization of our justice system is a sign of Democrat desperation. They do not want Trump to run again and so they will invent a reason to rope him in with criminal charges—thus preventing him from running for president again.

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The FBI is a disgrace. When I hear from the talking heads that there are problems at the FBI, but there are still plenty of good agents, I say bull. Any honorable people left working for the FBI at this point should resign. Agencies such as the FBI and IRS create fear among the Democrats’ political enemies. The FBI is now America’s Gestapo or KGB. They are enforcing the dictates of a third world banana republic. Yes, that’s what America has become.

We need to break up the FBI completely. Let’s hope Trump does just that when he’s back in office.

— Ben Garrison

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