Free Our Economy- Save Our Jobs

The longer this plannedemic drags out, the angrier Americans should become.

We have good reason to be angry. Our liberties are being stripped away in the name of ’safety,’ but there have always been diseases and death. It’s part of life.


At the beginning of the 1800s, one in seven people died of tuberculosis. The Industrial Revolution was not shut down because of it. Tens of thousands of people die of the flu each year, but now the globalists are fanning the flames of fear in order to get their way. All flu cases are now considered to be ‘Covid-19.’

Hospitals are changing the cause of death to the coronavirus even when it’s not the case.

The ‘authorities’ such as Dr. Fauci can’t be trusted. 

He’s a Bill Gates man! They are running a script and we are obeying them in lockstep fashion. It’s disgusting!

George Soros, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, and the rest at the very top of the pyramid haven’t been very successful with their climate change bunk, but their goals have always remained the same. To achieve them, they’ve now pulled out the epidemic card. Gates ran scenarios through his super computer to see if it would work and so far it’s all going according to their plan. They want to shut down our economy and deindustrialize us. They want socialism and serfdom. Then we will become more dependent on government—a government they control. The central bankers know their debt money system has become untenable. They want to replace it with a cashless society. The bankers know a digital currency will mean easier taxation, tracking, and control. They want a social credit system to go along with it. That will be a way to control free speech. Nobody will want to cross the globalist bankers and get their ‘credits’ trimmed or shut off completely.

The cabal wants Agenda 21 and global governance to become a reality. They want us out of the country and into their cities. They want us chipped, tracked, and obedient.

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They are evil and they’re using their corporate mass media pound out a steady drumbeat of fear while offering their high tech enslavement as a way to make the fear go away.

Stop being afraid. Stand tall. NEVER take Bill Gates’ vaccine.

We have to get back to work.  Free the economy and save our jobs.

Look for an Easter Miracle!

—Ben Garrison


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