One thing you rarely hear about in the MSM–or from Obama–is Fukushima. Multiple core meltdowns have occurred and tons of radioactive water are dumped daily into the Pacific Ocean. Yet what do Obama and Hillary want to focus on? Climate change. Why? Because climate change will enable them to push a carbon tax in order to line the capacious pockets of globalists. It aligns with Agenda 21 and other UN plans to make humans feel guilty for being alive. Do you breathe? Oh my goodness…you are putting carbon into the atmosphere. You dirty human! Pay up!

Meanwhile, nothing is done about the biggest disaster known to mankind—Fukushima. GE knew their reactors were unsafe. They knew the design was flawed and spent fuel rods have only added to the disaster. They knew it wasn’t wise to build their flawed reactors on the coast of Japan—easily exposed to tsunamis. They knew the area was prone to earthquakes. They knew and didn’t care as long as they got their short-term windfall profit. And, of course, nobody goes to jail.

It’s all about the short term and massive bucks for a few insiders. The Pacific ocean and humanity be damned. This is the mentality of those at the top—the 1/10th of 1 percent. The rest of the world can go to a radioactive hell as long as they get theirs.