She’s Baaaack

Cartoon published 06/19/2024

Hillary Clinton made a appearance at the Tony Awards, looking like a old car that just got a new paint job. Her hair was done in a more flattering style than the usual severe straight bangs. Hillary looked like she had lost weight and wore a dress that wasn’t her usual ‘shower curtain’ style. This immediately started tongues wagging about whether Hillary is being considered as a possible replacement for the Depends wearer in Chief, Joe Biden.

That answer is yes, Hillary is running again.

I was wrong before when I predicted she’d run again in 2020. We got sleepy Joe instead. Still, Hillary is obsessed with being president. She’s wanted to be the commander in chief since she was in college and probably before that. It’s her lifelong ambition. She is as doggedly determined to be the first female POTUS as Sir Edmund Hillary was determined to be the first person to summit on Mount Everest. After all, Hillary claimed she was named after Sir Edmund. Oh wait—strike that. He reached the top of Mt. Everest in 1953, whereas Hillary Clinton was born in 1947.

Hillary likes to lie, that’s a given. She also pays homage not to her voters but rather the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Meetings, and the Davos crowd. She once called the CFR ’her mother ship.’ When Hillary steals the nomination from dementia Joe, the globalist crowd will be just as happy. They pull the strings of Barack Obama who in turn pulls Joe’s strings. They also control Hillary.

To be sure, the Clintons and the Obamas don’t like each other, but Hillary was Barack’s Secretary of State and the Clintons still control a great deal of the Democrat Party. They also have millions of dollars at their disposal. J’ever notice how such politicians all get filthy rich by means of politics?

I can’t see Michelle Obama running. She has steadfastly denied such an ambition, and she has no experience other than being First Lady. Hillary on the other hand has all kinds of experience—even if a lot of it has been nefarious.

Gavin Newsom? Forget it. Sure, he’s a much smoother liar than Joe and has much better hair, but he is hated in California, a state he has destroyed. He will not get far against Trump. So it’s Hillary they’ll choose and she knows it. Just look at her face—it looks like she got another facelift. She has lost weight. She’s seen everywhere. She’s always on the news, on Broadway, or at award ceremonies. Hillary is not going to ‘go gentle into that good night.’ Far from it. She wants another crack at Trump and this time she will make sure her operatives do a better job of promoting positive images of her in the media. She will make sure they do a better job of stealing the election so she can finally be president.

Biden stands no chance against Trump. That’s becoming increasingly clear. Hillary will provide better competition. She will be drafted at the Democrat Convention to replace Biden. Get ready for the return of the Hildebeast.

— Ben Garrison

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