Humpty Bernanke

It has often been said the Fed is pushing on a string. As their QE‘s lose effectiveness, it is becoming clear the debt money system is unsustainable. We will eventually–and probably soon–face either a deflationary collapse or a hyper-inflationary event. As the wall of debt continues to grow higher, more money must be printed to pay it back. The trouble is, our money is debt-based. It all must be paid back–with interest. This benefits the elite banks. They will come out of it unscathed. Indeed, the one percent continues to grow their wealth and nest ‘eggs’ at an increasingly faster pace as Americans get poorer and deeper in debt.

We should follow Iceland’s example. Repudiate the funny-money debt created by the elite banks through their money printing, derivative gambling, fractional reserve abuse and Federal Reserve bail outs. It’s time to end the Federal Reserve and their corrupt policies. It’s time to return to a sound system of money that benefits everyone–not just those at the very top of the pyramid. Mr. Bernanke, tear down that wall!