The Monsters Storm The Castle

The Socialists Democrats continue to attack President Trump as they conduct a second impeachment proceeding from Washington DC that has become a militarized bunker. Six traitorous Republicans have joined in. 

The Democrats are claiming a terrible trauma, as if they went through an ordeal that left them with Post Trump Stress Disorder. They paint Trump as a terrible monster and they have now marched to the castle with torches and pitchforks. They are screaming out their grievances. But in reality THEY are the monsters. Hence my cartoon.

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President Trump did nothing wrong. He did not encourage violence. Trump won by a landslide, but the criminal globalist operatives wanted their thoroughly corrupt China Joe installed and they got their way. We Trump supporters remain angry. Nearly all of us do not approve of violence, but sometimes anger spills over. After all, the Biden forces decided to nullify our votes and the Deep State made sure nothing was done about it. We now have no voice. Voting does not matter on the national level until it’s fixed.

No justice, no peace!

During the nationwide riots of 2020, there was open looting and many cities burned. The hypocritical Democrats fanned the flames.

As for Biden’s promise of unifying the country, he has done the opposite. That’s to be expected. After all, he’s a professional liar—everyone knows that. No wonder he was loudly booed at the Super Bowl. He is not our president.


— Ben Garrison

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