The Iowa Caucus- Winter’s Bitter Bite

Cartoon published 01/15/2024

Election season kicks off tonight with Iowa’s caucus. A caucus is different from regular primary voting. We won’t go into it here…suffice to say that Trump is way ahead in the polls. What’s interesting is who will come in second.

Because Trump is so far ahead, the stragglers are trying to stand out from each other. Vivek Ramaswarmy made news over the weekend telling potential voters that to “save Trump, you must vote Ramaswarmy.”  That went over like a lead balloon with Trump supporters and even Trump himself chimed in and stated, “Vivek is NOT MAGA.”  Whoever advised Vivek that pissing off the MAGA base is a great strategy is probably looking for a new job today.Instead of messing with the Iowa voters by playing mind games, Vivek should be supporting President Trump 100%. Trump can save himself by pardoning himself when elected. He doesn’t need Ramaswamy’s assistance.

The Iowa event coincides with pronounced wintry weather. The bitter cold probably won’t phase Iowans. They are used to it as we are up here in Montana. We had a record-breaking temperature of minus 33 degrees here in NW Montana along with a half foot of snow. Today it reached 2 degrees and it actually felt warm. We are acclimated to the cold. Al Gore would call it ‘global warming’…er.. ‘climate change.’ We call it winter. Still, those from southern states such as Florida might feel the bite more acutely in Iowa.

We support Trump, but it doesn’t hurt to poke a little fun once in a while.

Stay Warm and Stay Tooned!
 — The GrrrTeam

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