Washington D.C. experienced a strong earthquake recently, but nothing has changed. If Ron Paul gets elected, we’ll see a much bigger shakeup than the status quo could ever have imagined.
It should begin with investigating and then dismantling the Federal Reserve. Neither Federal nor a Reserve, the ‘Fed’ is owned by a collection of global bankers. They’re in charge of deciding interest rates and printing our money. In return, we get to pay it all back with interest. In this manner the people go deep into debt and to pay back the bankers who help manipulate and rig the economy to benefit themselves and their money mobster cronies. They create even more debt via credit default swaps, derivatives and other exotic and complex paper instruments. They collect when they win. When they lose, taxpayers pick up the tab for the elite’s casino gambling losses.
It’s time to end the corrupt Federal Reserve system. They’ve stolen countless trillions from the American people.