“OK, campers, rise and shine! It’s Groundhog day …again”

Hillary has yet to announce, but she’s seeing her election shadow again. If her health holds out, I predict she will run for president. Again. For a third time.

Hillary has spent her life running for president. She can’t stop—it’s her ‘raison d’etre.’ She lives to run for the presidency. She must know people throughout the political spectrum can’t stand her. She doesn’t care if voters hate her. She will convince people she’s the only one who can defeat Trump, even though she couldn’t defeat him before. She will probably cast herself a logical, reasonable and a ‘centrist’ as she faces a big field of outright socialists. This is why her mainstream media is outraged about former Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schulz’s hat in the ring. She doesn’t need another centrist stealing her show—especially a billionaire, Democrat centrist. That’s why CNN is calling him an idiot.

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Crooked Hillary also has the political connections and money. The Clintons still control the Democrat Party. They rigged the nomination for her once and they can do it again as easy as deja vu.

Hillary will recast herself in any mode that will give her an advantage. Any centrism on her part is disingenuous theater. Who is she really? A corrupt globalist and traitor who casts a very long shadow of criminality.

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She belongs in prison, not the White House.

—Ben Garrison

Happy Groundhog Day! (Don’t Drive Angry!)

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