The always reliable CNN linked to Aaron Sorkin’s letter of comfort to his daughter. That is, he reassured her that he would stand up to the dangerous President Trump and not move to Canada like so many other celebrities threatened to do should Trump win the presidency. They’ve since reneged on their promise. Besides, Canada doesn’t want them.
In his fear-mongering screed, Sorkin said this:
How delusional is this man to think that millions of Trump voters are somehow members of the Klan? Is he smearing roughly half of America as ‘racist’ simply because they see the folly of open borders and unaffordable health care? Are they racist because they want to end the rampant corruption and see jobs brought back to our country? ‘America first’ used to be patriotic. Now one is called racist or a ‘buffoon’ simply for being against globalism. The buffoon part is to be expected, I guess. It’s currently the favorite insult for Trump among lefties and it’s seen and heard everywhere on YouTube and elsewhere.
Mr. Sorkin is emblematic of the celebrity crybabies and protestors who are now pitching crying tantrums over Trump’s election. They are truly out of touch with reality and evidence. Apparently the propaganda arms known as the mainstream media were successful in brainwashing many. The globalist billionaire Soros also has a lot to do with funding the protests and conflict in America.
Let them have their fits. Let them wallow in their self pity and crocodile tears. Let them gnash their teeth and curse loudly—that’s their freedom of speech. But when many on social media start crying to assassinate Trump, that’s where the line should be drawn.
—Ben Garrison
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