Get Off My Lawn!

Cartoon published 07/11/2024

I had a vision of Joe Biden being Mr. Magoo—so blinded by his cognitive decline that he doesn’t even realize he’s incapable of fulfilling such a demanding office. Here is that cartoon. 

Jill claims he still has the vigor, and I also thought of a cartoon showing him stiff as a board and having rigor—as in rigor mortis. I can’t draw that now, because the quick-witted comedian Greg Gutfeld used the idea yesterday on his show.

I had planned on adding Gretchen Whitmer to the lineup of presidential usurpers, but she came out and said,  “Joe Biden is in it to win it and I’m damn proud to support him.”

Yeah, sure.

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A schism has occurred in the Democrat Party. On one side, there are those who acknowledge they have a serious problem because Joe is mentally incapacitated. The other side stubbornly persists with their ‘rah rah’ firm support for Joe. They pretend their emperor has clothes. They say Biden is sharp as a tack when he proves almost daily that he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Can they convince voters that Joe is still tuned in and on the case? I doubt it, but maybe they are counting on millions of votes from illegal aliens, hacked voting machines, and ballots on pallets. Such a steal would be way too obvious, but then again those democrats could again pretend that it was the most secure election in our history and condemn those who think otherwise as being ‘insurrectionists.

It’s funny how Democrats think they can control reality by bloviation alone. They want us to close our eyes—Magoo like—and go along with the delusion. A “Big Boy” press conference will not help the situation.

— Ben Garrison

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