You Want butter on that?

Cartoon published 06/28/2024

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised that Jake Tapper and Dana Bash allowed the debate to flow as well as it did. I expected Jake to interrupt, correct, or otherwise silence Trump to give Biden the advantage. That didn’t happen—CNN managed to be fair and balanced for a change.

Joe Biden looked horrible. How is this man still in office? He is made for the 25th Amendment. Congress had better remove him before he starts tossing the nuclear football. Yes, they claimed he had a cold, but he can’t use that to hide behind his abysmal performance. He came across as an old man suffering from dementia. Normally that should draw sympathy, but Biden is president and it draws alarm. Joe spoke hesitantly and inarticulately. He relied on telling lies that have been disproven over and over again. There were times when he lost his train of thought entirely, resulting in an embarrassing word wreck. He could often be seen with a blank stare, as if there was nobody home. He didn’t blink for long periods of time.

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I didn’t think Trump was at his best—I kept thinking of retorts he could use with great effect, but he definitely won the debate regardless, and compared with Biden he was a master orator. Trump came across as a competent leader anxious to get the job done. Biden came across a confused, vacant, elderly man who was waiting for his next ice cream cone.

The low point of the debate occurred when they debated their golfing abilities. That was absurd considering many Americans can’t afford to pay the bills. None of us can afford a nuclear war.

Biden is toast—that’s the end result of the debate. The Democrats can no longer hide the fact that Biden is incompetent. What, are they going to claim the Joe we saw at the debate was a cheap deep fake? They need to pressure Joe into stepping down. He’s not just old and incompetent, he’s downright dangerous to our country.

After this post was written, news broke that Joe Biden will not step down, and is committed to a second debate and four more years. Get ready for President Jill Biden.

— Ben Garrison

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