Justin Amash, A Donkey in Elephant’s Clothing

Republican Justin Amash called for President Trumps impeachment a few days ago. The Michigan representative knew he would score points with the Fake News media, and he did. The foul-mouthed Democrat Rashida Tlaib and never Trumper Bill Kristol also threw him praise.

Amash votes more with Pelosi than the Republicans according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Once again a RINO (Republican in Name Only) shows his true colors.

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Like we always say, follow the $$$ trail and see how hard they try to cover it up.

Maybe Amash is angry at Trump’s trade negotiations with China?

We wonder why…hmm..oh wait!

According to his financial disclosure forms, Amash is a co-owner of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that supplies Michigan Industrial Tools Inc., his father’s Wyoming-based business.

Dynamic Source International is based in YUHANG DISTRICT HANGZHOU ZHEJIANG CHINA.

Amash is nothing but a Donkey in Elephant’s clothing. We will now primary you!


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