Krispy Kreme Attacks!

Cartoon published 06/07/2023

Krispy Kreme—er, Chris Christie is running for president. He promises to tell the ‘truth.’ Whatever that is. We welcome his entry into the race if only for comic relief. Sure, he can be an acerbic pit bull and go after his opponents—and he did that in 2016 against Marco Rubio. That tactic won’t work against Trump. Christie is not likely to pull down many votes. His is a personal, kamikaze attack against Trump, but it is destined to fail. Hubris and ego might prop up Christie enough to help carry his heavy load, but it won’t be enough.

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“I’m the only candidate who can take on Donald Trump and tell the truth. Every other Republican thinks they can tiptoe around him. I don’t tiptoe. Get me on the stage and get your popcorn ready:

— Chris Christie

It’s probably difficult for a round man such as Christie to tiptoe regardless. (Can he even see his toes?)

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Look for ‘donut man’ to flop once again. His campaign has a huge hole in it—he’s simply not popular.

‘Donut Man’ from 2016

Staytooned for Ben’s ‘Pence 2024″ cartoon on Thursday!

— The GrrrTeam

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