Fill Lake Mead- Drain The Swamp

Having visited the impressive Lake Mead in person just over ten years ago, I have been concerned all summer about its record-low levels. Back in July it looked as if it was in danger of becoming what is known as a stagnant ‘dead pool,’ which would have meant Hoover Dam could no longer generate power.

Fortunately the summer monsoon season was very kind to Lake Mead and it has gained back four feet since July. That might not sound like a lot, but considering the massive square footage of the lake, it’s a considerable amount of water. Lake Mead still has a lot of refilling to do.


The Deep State Swamp in Washington D.C. should be a dead pool, but it has no problem gaining more volume. It’s at its highest level ever and it continues to rise. Our government is being run by Obama globo-socialists who in turn are controlled by mega billionaire globalists who pull the strings. These same people also control the mainstream propaganda media as well as medicine, education, and our military. The Swamp overflows with tyranny. It wants us to give up our guns, our free speech, our ability to maintain our privacy, our hard-earned cash, and even our internal combustion automobiles. They want mutilate children sexually. They want us to take dangerous, experimental vaccines. They want a large number of people on the planet dead. After all, it’s their planet—they own it, and they don’t want it cluttered up with useless eaters.

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It’s time for us to start draining the Deep State Swamp. The new Italian Prime Minister, George Meloni, has already put the globalist elite on notice. She plans on draining the Italian swamp while restoring individualism over collectivism and family over globo-nihilism. (Putin calls it Satanism and he’s right).

We in America should should start draining the Deep State Swamp as soon as possible. It can begin after the midterms. Impeaching Dementia Joe would be a good start.

— Ben Garrison

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