Ride ’em Cowboy! Trump, “Bring it on — this ain’t my first rodeo.”

As the roundup of election fraud news continues, it’s time to get the MAGA Rodeo started. President Trump faces a tough two year journey on the trail to the White House. Sherrif Trump has announced that he is back in the saddle again and he’s is officially running for President in 2024. We can expect a great many twists and turns ahead with battles won and lost.

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The GOP Establishment will be fighting President Trump every step of the way. People such as Mitch McConnell only care about their power and wallet. They hate MAGA. The GOPe will continue to buck furiously in order to shake off Trump. RINOs such as Mitt Romney must be put out to pasture in 2024. Romney is already shooting off his big mouth and attacking Trump. Utah, you have to do better. Mitt Romney is bad for Utah and bad for the country. Like his fellow RINOs, he leaves behind stinking piles of BS that represent his failures. Look for Mitch to endorse Mike “Judas” Pence in the future. Good luck with that one, Mitch!

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Trump will have to dig in his spurs and tame the GOPe elephant by wearing him out. Trump will prevail at the end and makes the Uniparty eat dust or choke on their own Swamp water—their choice.

The big MAGA rodeo is just starting ‘frens,’ and we suggest you get your tickets early and get ready to cheer. Thrills and spills are ahead, don’t take anything for granted or become complacent.  It’s a rough and perilous cacti-filled trail ahead, but we all know that “the best is yet to come.”

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—The GrrrTeam


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