Let’s Make A Deal

Cartoon published 05/22/2023

It’s time for your favorite political theater production- ‘The Debt Ceiling Game Show’.

Dang, another rerun!

The querulous and quasi-demented Joe Biden continues to play an obtuse game with House Leader Kevin McCarthy. Biden can’t seem to understand that spending cuts are necessary to parry the ever-growing national debt, or at least keep it from worsening. The Democrat Party’s reckless spending under Biden has led to runaway inflation. More spending will lead to more inflation. Biden can’t or won’t accept that.

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A compromise will be made—perhaps as early as today. The so-called debt ceiling will be raised or spending will be cut or some combination thereof. What we are seeing is just theater. The two parties strut about and engage in holier-than-thou one-upmanship, but neither party actually wants to see their government shutdown. If that happens, they lose power. Many people who depend on government lose their paychecks. If the government does shut down there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

What we have been watching is all a show. A game show and the general public never wins. They pay for the whole sorry production with taxes. It’s one of the reasons Biden has funded and armed 80,000 new IRS agents. No, they’re not going after billionaires or even millionaires. That’s simply another one of Joe’s countless lies. The real target is an already crumbling middle class. Biden and Yellen know the middle class and the poor lack legal resources and will most likely pay fees and fines after an audit. They Marxist Democrats want to see the middle class and small businesses crushed and they are succeeding.

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As for the National Debt, it can’t be paid off unless we somehow gain access to a money printing press. That would be counterfeiting. The Federal Reserve is legally allowed to counterfeit at will—and they have with wild abandon.

Each and every single US citizen owes nearly $100,000 to the Federal Reserve just because the Fed authorizes debt money to come into existence. That money could be printed up debt free, but the central bankers will never allow that. Presidents who tried were assassinated. The globalist bankers want ever-more power and control. They use their frontman investor, “BlackRock,” to buy up everything with the free money they create for themselves.

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They have turned us all into their serfs, but that’s not enough. With their roll out of their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) they will control and track every aspect of our lives. A dystopian future is immanent.

Meanwhile, the ‘Debt Ceiling’ game show is winding to a close. We The People, as usual, are the losers.

It’s time to turn the channel…

— Ben Garrison

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