Democrats Can’t Have It Both Ways

Cartoon published 02/28/2024

“…We are faced with a staggering contradiction.”

— Mr. Spock, Star Trek’s “Spectre of The Gun”

The Report of Special Counsel Robert Hur was devastating to Biden. It concluded he broke the law by keeping boxes of classified documents in his garage (kept handy to sell to communist China). However, the Counsel also reported Biden was mentally unfit to stand trial. That’s how he got off the hook. Swamp-dwelling Democrats always get off the hook.

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Joe was never all that sharp, but the report is correct. Joe was already struggling when he was installed as president, but now everyone can see the marked decline—and it will only get worse from here on out. He slurs his words and forgets world leaders. If he does remember a leader, it’s one from 20 years ago. Joe is an embarrassment to his office and the world is laughing, yet the Democrats are running him for another term. They have no one else. Hence they are forced to pretend he’s A-OK, ship-shape, and on top of things. They say he’s working hard and mentally sound.

Is the Hur Report incorrect, then? The Democrats can’t have it both ways. 

Everyone ages differently and Trump has taken care of himself—he would destroy Biden in a debate. Trump can talk for hours without notes. Even with handfuls of notes Joe remains addle-brained. So there will be no debate. Joe without notes or a teleprompter? We all know what happens—he quickly derails and tells non-sequitur stories from his past, which are mostly proven lies but he tells them over and over again anyway. People who are Joe’s age tend to repeat themselves.

Once again, Joe’s campaign trail will consist of his basement. Pushing Joe from state to state with a hectic schedule amounts to elder abuse, so it will again be a Potemkin campaign—only this time without the Covid excuse. The left wing establishment media will spew out pro-Joe propaganda at an even faster rate. They’ll tell us how wonderful Joe’s economy is, but mostly they’ll attack Trump. Look for the liars to say it’s Trump who is mentally unfit and how Biden is as sharp as a tack.

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The Democrats must find another candidate—and soon. Let the old corrupt liar retire to his beach house and eat his ice cream. Biden is clearly finished, no matter how hard the Democrats try to keep him propped up while they steal another election for him.

To expect another term from Joe is illogical.

— Ben Garrison

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