And “Lying Rat” Finishes Out Of The Money

Yesterday Michael Cohen admitted he was coached by notorious Trump-hater Adam “Shifty” Schiff for his hearing in front of Congress.

The Democrats held this show hearing while our President was in North Korea negotiating for nuclear disarmament. They were trying to distract from the historic summit with Kim Jung-un in Vietnam.

Cohen, a convicted felon for lying to congress, testified in front of the Democrat House for the sole objective of keeping the failed Russian Collusion narrative going.

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Cohen lied again and again. Expect this list to grow.

  • Cohen addicted to lobbying as a foreign agent for Kazakhstan despite failing to register as one.
  • Cohen told Congress he never defrauded a bank despite pleading guilty to bank fraud.
  • Cohen denied having a desire to work at the White House after Trump was elected. Even CNN admitted Cohen lied, noting it was well known that Cohen did indeed want to work at the White House.
  • Cohen stated he had never been to Prague, which contradicts the infamous Steele Dossier. Either Cohen is lying, or the Steele Dossier fabricated the claim Cohen traveled to Prague.
  • Cohen lied to the IRS.
  • Cohen has been disbarred.

The Democrats think we will believe a confirmed lying Rat that attacks the President?

Not on your life.

I am looking forward to a Trump 2020 landslide and all the hamburgers you can eat!

Hope you enjoyed this Tina Toon


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