A military ‘operation’ may soon take place in Syria. Notice how they don’t call it war anymore. It’s called an ‘action’ or operation.

We used to have a Department of War. Now they call it the Department of Defense. If we’re supposedly defending the US, why are we attacking people in Syria? Like the war in Vietnam, none of this is about defending America. It’s about doing what the Deep State military industrial complex wants. It’s about furthering globalist plans.

President Trump was wrong about firing missiles at Syria early in his presidency and he’s wrong now. Perhaps he thinks such blustering helps him appear as a strong leader, but war won’t make America great again. The U.S. already has a bigger military budget than the next three leading countries combined. We are busy protecting the borders of others while our own remain wide open. Now Trump has a notorious war hawk and a pro-war Secretary of State ready to stir up trouble. Things are looking ominous.

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There’s an ongoing civil war in Syria. President Bashar al-Assad is accused of evil doing and therefore he must be taken out just like Gaddafi and Saddam were. Israel doesn’t want Iranian Hezobollah terrorists on their doorstep. This is understandable. Many Iranian clerics want Tel Aviv and Israel completely destroyed. Obama bought Iran off for a while with billions of dollars in bribes, but it won’t last.

Now the war table is set. It’s the US, Israel and allied powers vs. Assad, Iran, Russia and maybe even China. The reason? There was a poison gas attack that killed children. It was supposedly ordered by the Syrian president, but it appears it may be yet another false flag in order to spark war.

It’s time to walk away from the war table. Let them all sort it out themselves. Get out of Syria and stay out.

Iraq was a disaster and we’re still at war in Afghanistan. Now we want to risk World War Three in Syria?


Make MAGA, Not War!

—Ben Garrison

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