“It’s not about your rights, it’s about your responsibilities.”

Biden actually said this as he appeared with his VP pick, Kamala Harris. They were pushing a nationwide mask mandate. If elected, Biden said he “would do everything possible” to ensure Americans wear masks in public. He claims the masks make a “gigantic difference,” and under his presidency he will make wearing masks the law of the land.

The masks are not making a gigantic difference. Not against the coronavirus, anyway. Cloth masks do not stop the virus at all and in fact, the constant mask fidgeting ensures viruses and bacteria will be transferred to the masks via dirty fingers. Constant mask wearing is very bad for one’s health. It’s not good to breathe in one’s own CO2 all day.

Both Biden and Trump said mask wearing is ‘patriotic.’ Anytime a politician tells citizens that an annoying mandate that compromises freedom is ‘patriotic,’ it’s always a huge red flag. Wearing a mask is neither patriotic nor protective. It’s a sign of compliance. Government gets to see what it can get away with and what we will tolerate. So far, most Americans are doing what they’re told in lockstep. They seem almost eager to exchange freedom for safety. They will get neither.

Our rights, once abandoned, are very difficult to retrieve without blood being spilled. If you don’t want to live in a country where you must PERMANENTLY wear a mask as you step out your door, the time to protest is now.

As for Joe and Kamala, their Malarkey Bus is just waiting to be run over by Trump. The current Democratic presidential ticket is the weakest in history. If the mass media thinks black and brown people will vote for Biden because of Harris, they may be in for a surprise. She’s hated by many minorities after she did her best to lock them up for minor transgressions such as marijuana possession or when their kids were truant. Harris herself admitted she inhaled her Jamaican pot deeply. Now we’re forced to breathe in her bad hypocrisy breath as she exhales. Maybe in this instance, a mask is desirable.

—Ben Garrison


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