A pocketful of liars..

Cartoon published 05/14/2024

Judge Merchan contributed to Biden’s campaign. His daughter gets money from anti-Trump George Soros. He’s unfit to sit on the bench. 

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg ran on a promise of getting Trump. Somehow he’s conjured up dozens of felonies against Trump when there was no crime.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer turned rat fink and notorious liar claims he was trying to ‘help’ Trump when he recorded a call without Trump’s knowledge. That call was used against Trump in court, but again…there was no crime. The purpose was to humiliate Trump. That’s all this case is about.


Cohen does not respect the attorney client privilege and raked in a fortune from social media from his Trump bashing. Trump paid fines for violating the ridiculous gag order, but Cohen could blab everywhere all he wanted. Cohen was angry at Trump because he was not given a job at the White House. He joined a long line of Trump back stabbers.

Stormy Daniels has changed her story multiple times. In 2018 she was on Bill Maher’s show and said Trump was a gentleman. She has said there was no sexual contact, then she implied any sexual contact was consensual. Now the porn star claims she ‘blacked out’ because she was so afraid of Trump. This is an obvious lie concocted to gain a conviction. She currently owes Trump $500,000 for legal fees after losing her defamation lawsuit, which was conducted by the Michael Avenatti—who has since been disbarred and imprisoned.

The memes have become reality.

No fair courtroom in America would have ever allowed a case such as this to even get close to going to trial. Like other cases against Trump, it’s a fabrication with banana republic political underpinnings. The show trials are designed to humiliate Trump and keep him off the campaign trail. That’s all it’s about. 

But it’s not working. Trump held a rally in blue New Jersey over the weekend. Close to 100,000 people shoulded up, and they weren’t planning on voting for Biden.

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Judge Merchan is corrupt. Alvin Bragg is corrupt. The witnesses are corrupt liars with no credibility. There was no crime, but if the jury has Trump Derangement Syndrome, it could possibly lead to a jail sentence for Trump. That would only make Democrat corruption more obvious and it will further help Trump.

— Ben Garrison

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