73% oF Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction and they voted democrat?

It was a late and disappointing night as the election results came in.

I remember most elections revealed results that got wrapped up before midnight. Now they get delayed for days and even weeks due to mail-in ballots and runoffs.

We need to return to paper ballots being filled out in person at polling stations. Jettison the voting machines, which are easily hacked. Limit mail-in ballots to invalids. We need to eliminate ballot harvesting and drop boxes in particular. Voting by mail opens up a wide avenue that leads to fraud.

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If people want to keep voting in the same Democrats who bring us inflation, war, open borders, and crime, then that’s their prerogative.

We simply need to know that the election was legitimate and not stolen. Right now we can’t be sure. 

Thanks to Ron DeSantis, Florida has their voting process operating in tip-top shape. That state wrapped thing up within a few hours after the polls closed. Why can’t every state do that? Arizona is particularly egregious with their obfuscation.

DeSantis won in a landslide and he deserved it. He got a lot done and he’s also a viable presidential candidate in 2024. Trump might find himself in a serious race for the Republican nomination. Florida was one of few states in which there was a legitimately strong red wave. Other states were disappointing. While the Republicans may gain an advantage in the House, it looks like the Senate will be close to deadlocked.

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Fetterman won is replacing a Republican. It’s hard for me to believe that a majority of voters in Pennsylvania can send a man who wants more crime, more inflation, more open borders, more aborting, and more war to the Senate. Especially when he can barely function. He will be managed by handlers, similar to Biden.

Look for Biden to take credit for a better than expected Democrat showing. He will use it as an excuse to run again in 2024. With Fetterman, strokes be damned. With Biden, dementia be damned. They’re going to be in office regardless.

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So there you have it. Either many of the elections were rigged, or Americans really don’t care about inflation. It’s not about ‘the economy, stupid’ after all. It’s about stupid voters robotically voting for more of the same policies that will bring them harm. 

— Ben Garrison

Trump endorsed candidates have 174 wins and only 9 losses which in my opinion isn’t bad considering that the 2022 midterms were one of the most rigged elections in history.

The Republications look to take the House leading 203 to the Democrats 187. (219 need to control the House.)  The Senate is deadlocked 48-48 as of this posts publishing. Much, much more in store as Kari Lake in Arizona starts to surge.  

—  Tina


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