UPDATE January 11, 2019   Mitt Romney gives his opinion on Trump’s Border Wall strategy ‘I don’t want to see a declaration of national emergency’” Like an annoying fly, Romney buzzes in. Hey Mitt, Trump has “President” before his name..You have “Loser” before yours…

Original Post below:

In a recent editorial appearing in the Washington Post, Mitt Romney claimed ‘the president shapes the public character of the nation.’ He then went on to say Trump’s character falls short.

Romney is a big government lover. Such people think nothing can happen without government, including getting one’s character shaped. Therefore, he thinks it’s the president’s job to shape our characters. He thinks presidents need to be nice and polite in order to set an example to the citizen rabble.

Typical elitist, pompous, out of touch, and authoritarian nonsense from Mr. Romney. We didn’t elect Trump because he’s polite, nice or kind. H.W. Bush was nice and kind. He was also traitor and war criminal. No, we elected Trump to drain the swamp and remove Deep State cheerleaders such as Romney from power.


Romney doesn’t realize this nation already has character—that’s why we voted for Trump. We voted for someone who wants to get the job done. Someone who isn’t owned by Wall Street or Deep State globalists. Someone who wants to cut red tape. Someone who is a nationalist—he places America first. Someone who wants to end the endless wars. Trump is accomplishing this and I applaud him for taking us out of Syria and then finally ending the useless 17 year old war in Afghanistan.

Mealy-mouth Mitt disagrees. Obama couldn’t end wars and neither would Mitt. He claims America shouldn’t be the world’s policeman, but then goes on to say we must remain the world’s policeman. Mitt equates nationalism with ‘tribalism,’ racism and divisiveness. What, we’re not allowed to protect our borders without being called names? I’m sure Mitt has a nice wall around his property, as does Pelosi, Hillary and Obama.

Mitt Romney could not defeat Fraudbama, who was an extremely flawed and corrupt opponent. Perhaps Romney was the globalist choice for designated loser. Regardless, he is a loser and it must irk him to see Trump, a political novice, win the White House. It appears that Romney has inherited the Deep State mantel from John McCain along with his severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

RINO (Republican In Name Only) Romney may even decide to run against Trump in 2020. If he does, the Mormon Senator from Utah will receive a thorough and well-deserved pummeling. He has it coming.


—Ben Garrison

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