“My Little Phony- Nikki Haley”

Cartoon published 01/05/2023

Ron DeSantis continues to swirl around the poll drain. Therefore the GOP establishment has switched trojan horses in midstream.

The RINOs want Nikki Haley, who is doing her best to win over a very suspicious MAGA Republican base. They have good reason to be doubtful of Nikki’s MAGA credentials—she is the proverbial ‘Trojan Horse”—a MAGA phony.

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One only has to look at who is backing Haley and promoting her to the base. It’s the GOP establishment as well as the Democrats—or as we like to call them, the Uniparty that promotes the preservation of the Swamp while waging endless wars.

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The RINOs are trying to sneak in Haley, who supports a not-so-hidden cache of globalist agendas. Like other RINOs, Haley is in it for the cash, power, and the fame of being the first woman President. What does Haley really think of the MAGA-minded conservative middle class? Like other establishment politicians, not much. She is rolling out the same old old ‘compassionate conservative’ song and dance routine courtesy of Paul Ryan. Voters got tired of that schtick two Obamas ago.

Nikki may try to pass herself off as “MAGA” but the Republican base is saying,”neigh” to this trojan horse.  

Haley is weak tea compared to President Trump and Haley will give us another term of George Bush if she is elected. America needs real leadership not another “Little Phoney.”

— The GrrrTeam

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