Nancy, You’re Fired!

Nancy Pelosi has stepped down from her position as the House Speaker, having carried out a legacy of destruction. We at GrrrGraphics have drawn many cartoons featuring Pelosi. Here are some of the best of those cartoons. 

We will remember her for her notorious hatred of President Trump, whom she disrespected at every turn. Her anti-Trumpism was was borderline insurrectionist. She constantly claimed Trump was ‘not above the law’ while making sure the FBI protected all of her Democrat allies who had engaged in gross corruption, lies, and graft.

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Pelosi helped harass and impeach Trump twice and she even tore up his State of The Union speech on camera. She might as well have ripped up the Constitution too.

Pelosi and her husband got fabulously rich during her tenure in Congress. Her stock trades routinely aligned with Congressional legislation. It was nothing more than blatant insider trading on her part and she seemed proud of her unethical behavior. Pelosi was good at raising millions of dollars for her party—which is the main reason she was made Speaker. She was good at increasing the power of her party.

Pelosi enjoyed her very expensive designer ice cream and stored it in extremely expensive freezers. Biden of course also loves his ice cream. Both Joe and Nancy licked their cones and then licked the boots of big bankers and globalist corporations. That’s who they really serve—not commonplace Americans.

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Also like Biden, Pelosi called herself a practicing Catholic while she relentlessly pushed abortion. 

Many of those who were arrested due to their righteous protest at the Capitol on January 6 were arrested and without due process were sent to Pelosi’ dungeon in Washington D.C. Too many remain locked up thanks to Pelosi’s collusion with the FBI, who set up the protestors. Remember it was Pelosi who refused to add security to the Capitol Dome. Her plan was to arrest her MAGA enemies and then go after Trump.

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Nancy loved to use spout the phrase ‘our democracy’ at every turn, which really meant Pelosi’s personal power.

Put your gavel down, Nancy. You have greatly tarnished our Republic during your reign.  

— Ben Garrison


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