UPDATE: Worst Prime Minister ever Theresa May to resign in June after three years of Failure.

UPDATE: Nigel Farage has announced that he will be standing as leader of the Brexit Party, after Prime Minister Theresa May succeeded in cancelling Brexit Day. The Brexit Party MEP confirmed, “I will take over as leader of the Brexit Party and I will lead this party into the European elections.”

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May claims she’s on the side of the public when it comes to Brexit, but other than her tennis match with Parliament, nothing ever seems to happen.

 Her unacceptable ‘deal’ to leave the EU continues to be rejected. Why can’t Britain just leave with no deal? The globalists claim it would be economically disastrous. Maybe, for them.

The pro-Brexit Nigel Farage is disgusted that May rules out leaving the EU without a deal. He called the Prime Minister’s performance “appalling and pathetic.”

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It has been nearly three years since Brexit was passed by British citizens, but little progress has been made on actually exiting. British citizens have for too long experienced taxation without representation. They have become slaves to the dictates of gray bureaucrats in the globalist de facto capitol, Brussels. Ignoring the millions of voters who want Brexit is courting danger—maybe even a revolution.

Think France.

It’s time for Britain to ‘walk away’ from the EU. Instead, they’re walking into another variation of the EU cage by means of trickery and delay tactics.

It’s time for May to resign.

—Ben Garrison

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