Obama’s Presidential Portrait

Even now that he’s out of office, the fraud known as Obama continues to disparage America.

His ‘official’ and deconstructive presidential portrait is another example of his disrespect for our country. He’s shown scowling and surrounded by a wallpaper of leaves. He’s sitting while rudely splaying his skinny legs. A man-spreading insult to posterity. I’m surprised his legs weren’t shown up on a desk. Do a search of images of Obama in the oval office and you’ll see a spate of photos showing him doing just that. Dirty shoes in the faces of those around him. Muslims consider shoes to be an insult. Obama constantly shoved his up in our faces.

His hands are painted extremely large and out of scale. Is it a backhanded slight against Trump and his so-called ‘small hands’ that the lefties love to chortle about?

Obama doesn’t even show us the courtesy of wearing a tie in the painting.

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The most controversial news about the portrait is this: Kehinde Wiley also has a penchant for painting black females holding up the severed heads of white females. This is blatantly racist and hateful, but apparently Barack is in alignment with the artist. Imagine if Trump’s portrait artist did such a painting in reverse—a white woman holding up the freshly carved-off head of a black woman. We’d never hear the end of it! Obama was elected ostensibly to improve race relations in this country. Instead, he did everything he could to make things worse.

It seems impossible, but Michelle’s portrait is even worse. It’s a gray, washed-out, boring, two dimensional work in which Michelle is stiffly posed. She sports a haughty expression on her face. She wears a billowing dress to hide…whatever. The most surprising thing—it doesn’t even remotely look like her!

The Obamas did their best to destroy and divide our country in order to help usher in world globalism, i.e. socialism. Hillary was considered a shoe-in to complete that mission. Instead she lost her shoe and the election. Thank God we will never see Hillary’s presidential portrait. If I were to paint it, it would be something akin to the one seen at the end of the famous movie, “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

Obama Portrait cartoon by Ben Garrison

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–Ben Garrison


Additional:  Despite having smoked an entire marijuana harvest in his younger days, Obama turned hypocritical on the matter once he attained the presidency. He cracked down on medical marijuana dispensaries. Probably at the bidding of the powerful big pharma lobby. The pill pushers don’t want the competition of a natural herb that helps many relieve pain.