You sumbitch!

Joe Biden once again revealed his character—or lack thereof—when he insulted a member of the White House press corps. He called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” simply because Joe was asked a question about inflation. 

Biden later told Doocy that it was “nothing personal, pal” but it further revealed the mean-spirited side of Old Joe. Even staunch Democrats such as Jake Tapper were alarmed by Joe’s unwarranted truculence, but Joe has often insulted the press by turning his back on them or refusing to answer anything but the softest of softball questions.

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His quick-to-anger behavior may be another symptom of Biden’s mental slide into dementia, but such pugnacity has always been integral to Joe’s personality. Feisty Joe loves to bully people. He hurls insults. He issues pushup challenges or threatens to take them behind toolshed and beat them up or other such nonsense. Lying Joe finished near the bottom of his class, is a proven plagiarist, a bribed, bought-out ‘big man,’ a pedophile who showered with his own daughter, and a colossal liar. Oh yeah, he’s also stupid and has been well before his mental decline.

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Sleepy Joe seems to be off in his own gas-lit reality. He thinks he’s popular. He thinks he can run again in 2024. He talked about getting out and meeting the people. Good ol’ lunch bucket Joe who wants to help the working class. He wants to unite people. He’s a friend of African Americans. The facts demonstrate that he’s the opposite of the persona he tries to paint. The facts don’t jibe, so he ignores the facts. He says he doesn’t care about polls. He doesn’t care who gets hurt by dangerous and ineffective vaccines and masks mandates. He doesn’t care about Americans left behind in Afghanistan and he won’t care if millions are dead as a result of his insane war mongering plans in Ukraine. If he does get out in public he can expect to hear chants of “Let’s Go, Brandon!” He probably doesn’t even know what that means.

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Biden should be in a rocking chair on a porch…just another angry old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn. It’s alarming that he has so much power and is off his rocker.

— Ben Garrison

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