“They’re ALL dead, Jim”

The CDC released a report at the end of November in which they stated 1.1 million Americans have ‘died suddenly’ over the past year. The news was greatly under-reported by the Big Pharma-sponsored corporate media.

Many of us tried our best to warn people about the dangers of vaccines even before the Covid virus was rolled out. We were marginalized and ignored. The vaccine makers have been immune to lawsuits since the late 1980s. They cannot be sued. This made them recklessly greedy, unaccountable, and irresponsible. It’s no wonder Pfizer wanted 75 years to elapse before details of their dodgy Covid trials were released. It turned out they knew their product came with many pages of side effects.

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The panic over Covid was overblown and the ruling class intentionally fanned the flames of panic. A remedy was needed and politicians helped launch “Operation Warp Speed.” The vaccine makers were seen as heroes because they very quickly rolled out their miracle jabs in order to ‘save lives.’ Many wondered if those shots weren’t already waiting in the wings—especially Moderna’s solution. They supposedly had the Covid genome (or most of it) already nailed down and a prevention ready to go within days. How convenient.

Biden assured Americans that those who submitted to the vaccines would not contract Covid. He lied. He said we had a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’ Another lie. He blamed the unvaccinated for spreading the virus. Reality proved otherwise. Never forget how we the unvaccinated were vilified and demonized by corrupt politicians such as Biden. It was almost as if he wanted to put the unvaccinated in camps.


The truth is the vaccine makers’ therapy pokes did not prevent Covid. The vaccinated and unvaccinated alike caught the weaponized virus that was created in a bio lab in Wuhan, thanks in part to funding from an evil garden gnome named Fauci who made sure people were masked up and locked down. Dangerous jabs soon became mandatory for employment. There was talk about vaccine passports being needed for travel. People could not visit loved ones in the hospital. Tyranny was in the air along with the virus, and then it was announced that even more shots were needed. Yet the fully-boosted caught Covid and many fully-vaccinated individuals died. The vaccines could not stop Covid, nor could they prevent the transmission of the virus. They did not lessen the severity of Covid. The vaccine makers raked in billions of dollars in taxpayer money, but their rushed out and under-tested products didn’t work. It was all a murderous lie.

Or maybe they did work. If the ruling globalists really did want to cull humanity, what better way to do it than with vaccines? Gates has already stated this intention. The oligarchs own this planet and they think there are too many people on it consuming too many resources. This is the true reason for the vaccines. In that sense, they were very effective. People are dying suddenly and will continue to die.

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All the while, many of us were warning everyone not to take those experimental Covid jabs. We got rewarded with ridicule and bans on social media. We were not allowed to question ‘science’ owned by the WHO and WEF. Still, science is about questioning. Science is always evolving and getting amended. For example, Galileo discovered the moons orbiting Jupiter, which therefore proved the Earth was not the center of the universe. The Catholic church controlled science at that time and they threatened him with excommunication—even torture. Today, doctors and scientists who do not fall in line lose their jobs and reputations. Some even get murdered. Big Pharma uses their vast fortunes to silence their critics. Those who warned against medical tyranny were excommunicated from Twitter and Facebook.

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I feel sorry for the millions who fell for the vaccine lies. They will continue to die from myocarditis, blood clots, and cancer as a result of the poison they were persuaded to allow into their veins. There are still commercials pushing the vaccines despite the fact that they are neither safe nor effective. Notice how they don’t list the side effects like they must do with medications. If they did, the commercial would run very long, indeed. The fact is they can be deadly dangerous. If you’ve had Covid, then you have built up natural immunity. You don’t need vaccines that do harm. Humanity has gone through waves of flu and viruses for countless millennia. A needle thrust into your arm bypasses protective barriers. It cannot be undone.

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Big Pharma cannot be trusted. Vaccination is a relatively new and novel approach to health and it is being greatly abused by the greedy. What they’re doing will one day be seen as barbarism. 

Trust your own immune system and your ability to withstand the next wave of flu. 

— Ben Garrison


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