Our Woke and Weak Military-China Is Laughing

Cartoon published 07/21/2023

Enlistment in the US military is down 23 percent under Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s watch.

Fewer young people want to join a ‘woke’ LGBTQUSMC these days and be subject to getting killed in useless foreign wars begun by NATO. I guess the low pay, getting jabbed with a dangerous battery of vaccines, and receiving orders from a man pretending to be a woman aren’t much of an incentive.

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John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, is pushing taxpayer-funded abortions and transgenders in the military. He called abortion a “foundational, sacred obligation.” So abortion is more important than military readiness? Abortion is now a “foundation?” It’s virtuous? Abortion is “sacred?” How did that happen? And why did Joe Biden pronounce transgenders as being “the soul of our nation?” I guess that makes sense for Joe—lies and delusion are central to his psyche.

In other words, instead of our military defending our country, it’s prime directive consists of sex changes and abortion. Got it. And don’t worry—trans-men and women are a protected class in America. They can join the military, but they won’t be allowed to risk their lives by fighting on the front lines. What a relief!

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President Xi must be standing back and laughing about all of this. China already has treated Lloyd Austin with the contempt and disrespect he deserves. Do you think China is catering to the woke, transgender crowd? I think not. When they attack Taiwan, expect little resistance from Biden. After all, the Chinese Communist Party has already purchased Biden’s cooperation.

Our military has been divided, radicalized, feminized, trans-sexualized, and greatly weakened as a fighting force under Biden and Austin. If Joe has the election rigged for him again by the Deep State Swamp, we must engage in mass civil disobedience.

After all, the Uniparty in Congress already does this—they ignore the Constitution and the equal application of justice. If there is a draft, become a draft dodger. Do not enlist to fight the globalists’ foreign wars. 

— Ben Garrison

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