The Birds

Apologies to Alfred Hitchcock

Cartoon published 11/15/2023

To his country’s detriment as well as his own, Volodymyr Zelensky is digging in his heels. He refuses to admit his war is hopeless. His spring counteroffensive was a failure. Boys and old men are being tossed into the meat grinder. Ukraine cannot sustain its huge casualty rate and expect to survive. Russia is clearly going to win the war, but Zelensky refuses to start peace negotiations. Zelensky will be removed one way or another—either by Russia or its own rebelling populace.

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For Ukraine to have a chance, he’ll need NATO forces to join the fray, which could easily lead to nuclear war. Biden probably doesn’t want to escalate the war just yet—he knows sending American troops to Ukraine would be a disastrous to his already abysmal ratings in the polls, but if Ukraine can hold on until Joe’s second term via election fraud, he will probably send the troops. After all, Joe said he’d do whatever it takes. Maybe he should send Hunter.


It’s time for Ukraine to end the bloody madness. The war in Ukraine was started by NATO, not Putin. Zelensky is a puppet for the globalists and did what he was ordered to do: He killed thousands of ethnic Russians in the Donbas Region, thus provoking Putin. Zelensky a two-bit comedian and actor playing a part. He is no match for Putin on the world stage. Zelensky is not another Winston Churchill as so many in the US regime media have naively repeated. He’s a corrupt dictator leading a corrupt country.

Zelensky is a con man, liar, and shill — a figurehead for the warmongering globalists who want to take over Russia by means of a proxy war. He pretends Ukraine is a democracy even as he shuts down elections and competing political parties. He has attacked and banned Christians in Ukraine and closed their churches. He has shut down Ukraine media and imprisoned journalists including an American reporter named Gonzalo Lira. We’re not allowed to know what has happened to him and Biden doesn’t care. Yet Zelensky showed up in Congress wearing a T-shirt and he received thunderous applause from our corrupt politicians. It’s not their money they’re wasting on Ukraine. The warmongers in the Beltway will remain rich and comfy in their well-guarded beach mansions. It’s not their children’s lives that will be lost.

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It’s time for America to refrain from sending any more money to Ukraine. It’s time to end NATO. It’s time to impeach Joe Biden before he drags us into World War Three. 

— Ben Garrison

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