The Traitor In Minnesota, Rep. Ilhan Omar

Cartoon published 01/31/2024

A video of Rep. Ilhan Omar making a speech went viral yesterday. It wasn’t the usual speech either. Rep. Ilhan Omar plainly stated that Somalia came first, Islam second and the United States last, if at all. She also stated that the US would follow Somali orders and that she was in Congress only to expand Somalia’s interests and territories. Not only did she break her oath of office in the speech, she also broke her oath of citizenship.

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She should be removed and deported back to Somalia which she loves so much. This is what happens when foreign born weasels are elected into our government office. Infiltration from within. They hate America and work from the inside to destroy her.

We agree with Gov. DeSantis. Send her back!

Why stop at Omar? Expel Cori Bush for fraud and corruption also.

Expel the America hating ‘Squad.’ It’s time to clean Congress of the traitors.


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