Soros paid me to be here

Cartoon published  04/28/2024

Anti-Israel protests are taking place on college campuses throughout America. 

All is not what is seems. For many decades, progressive (communist) professors have drummed into the susceptible heads of their students a constant bleat—that America is an evil country. Those pinko profs think we should help that destruction along whenever possible—and we’re seeing such efforts take place now. George Soros is famous for funding destruction and he has one of his sub groups paying to arrange the protests. Soros is someone who should be arrested for election interference—not Trump.

One Palestinian leader right here in America called for America’s collapse and inferred the whole rotten system must come crashing down. Even liberal Bill Maher didn’t like that—he likes our system. So do I—at least as the Founding Fathers framed it. It’s too bad too many in authority nowadays are completely corrupt and they corrupting our institutions.


But I digress. I see the situation in Palestine/Israel as something irreconcilable. They say the Palestinians there are peaceful enough—they just don’t want Israel there. They say Palestine and Hamas are two separate entities, but Hamas often uses Palestinian men, women, and children as shields to prevent counter attacks from Israel. I may be wrong, but it seems like the Palestinians want Hamas around—or maybe the Hamas group is terrorizing both Israel and Palestine. There is one thing there is no shortage of over there and that is hate.

Now we see the progressive college crowd venting their outrage and vitriol about it all, but their statements and signage show that they really haven’t given the matter thorough thought. For one thing, ‘Gays for Hamas,’ is a howler. Any Hamas adherent would happily toss any LBGTQ whatever from the nearest roof. Any protestor who happens across Hamas these days won’t be thanked for their protest efforts. Instead, they would be kidnapped and held hostage. And raped. The males, too. 

Some students have shouted, “From the river to the sea, the Palestinian people will be free!” Do they even know what it means? It means all Jews—including Israeli children, from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea will be exterminated by force. What’s going on here? Are those Palestinian keffiyehs many of those young protesters are wearing the new KKK hoods?

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We all certainly hope no innocent civilians are killed anywhere, but Israel was brutally attacked by Hamas, and the latter entity still holds hostages—including US citizens. This conflict isn’t about a bully capitalist nation picking on a poor communist one no matter how much those student protestors want it to be. This isn’t Vietnam. This is a small country trying to survive and they don’t deserve the ‘river to the sea’ treatment.

— Ben Garrison

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