China Joe Meets His Boss

Cartoon published 11/16/2023

Joe Biden met with President Xi this week. The latter did most of the talking. Biden appeared to be his usual sleepy and incoherent self as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stared at him with alarm. President Xi is here to size up American weakness and he has already taken in plenty of examples.

The World Economic Forum Leader Klaus Schwab said “…the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.” He called China a ‘role model.’

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Joe Biden and California governor Gavin Newsom agree with Schwab, as does Janet Yellen, who unashamedly bowed repeatedly before President Xi during her visit to China. Perhaps she thought such a submissive display of respect would prompt the communist leader to buy more American bonds.

Joe has another reason for being obsequious to Xi. His son Hunter accepted millions of dollars from the Chicoms, and Joe got at least 10 percent. In return, Joe has allowed China to fly a large spy balloon over our country for days. Joe did nothing until it had completed its task of sizing up the US and spying on US military installations. Then finally he blew up the balloon over the ocean and claimed to have done his presidential duty. What a joke.


During one 2020 Presidential Debate with Trump, Biden said that Hunter never received any money from China. We now know this was a lie—even Hunter admitted he received millions for the communists. Joe is a liar and he knew he was lying during the debates. Joe always lies on large stages and he doesn’t care because he knows his lies will be pointed out later by those who generally have much smaller audiences.

Instead of protecting our southern border, Joe has ordered them to remain wide open. Anyone from any country can easily waltz in and fade into the nooks and crannies. Who knows how many terror cells (including from China) now exist within our country thanks to traitor Joe.

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Biden weakly complained to Xi about the flow of fentanyl across the southern border. Xi said he’d see what he could do. Biden could stop the flow of drugs and the invasion by closing our borders by means of the US Military if necessary. That would solve the Fentanyl plight too, but no—Joe would rather mewl about it and make himself look like a fool in the eyes of the Chinese dictator. 

Biden also bleated about ‘climate change’ and wanted China, one of the main polluters of the world, to cooperate. They won’t do anything except burn more coal and that’s fine because climate change is bunk. President Xi must know this and even someone as stupid as Biden must know it, too—but he continues to push the fear as an excuse to ruin our economy for his Chicom master. Biden likewise overlooks Chinese spying—his DOJ shut down a program put in place to counter Chinese espionage. Joe has clearly sold out his country and has given China a free rein to spy and steal state and corporate secrets.

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Schwab and the Marxist Democrats admire China for the dictatorial power wielded by the communists there. They want for the same situation for America. President Xi came here in order to make Biden look like a statesman ahead of the 2024 election. Xi wants his paid-for patsy to get another term. Trump is strong and was on of the few presidents to stand up to China. Biden is weak and can barely stand, and the majority of Americans can’t stand him either.

*Chinese translation: Idiot

— Ben Garrison

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