The Invasion Of The United States Continues

Cartoon published 12/28/2023

Mass invasion of a country is an act of war. A government failing to protect a country is an act of treason.

Joe Biden’s policies have been an unmitigated disaster. Even the lefties know that, but they gaslight us and pretend Joe is another Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

One thing they can’t gaslight us about is the open border on the south. So far, 8,000,000 people have poured in during Biden’s watch. Even Marxist mayors in Chicago and New York are starting to complain. The ’sanctuary cites’ are now saturated cities. They don’t know what to do about it and they’re starting to blame the Biden Administration.

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Here are four cartoons I’ve drawn over the past few years. They show who’s to blame. Joe might claim he cares about the border, but it’s obvious he doesn’t. Everyone knows that—especially the invaders. Joe appointed Kamala Harris as his border ‘czar.’ Heels-up hyena Harris has laughed it all off. She couldn’t even be bothered to visit the border. Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas said the border was ‘closed.’ Yep, everything down there is fine and dandy. More gaslighting. And now Secretary of State Antony Blinken is traveling to Mexico to discover the root cause of the ‘migration.’ Three years into Joe’s administration and they still don’t know the root cause? That’s a howler. They are supposed to be professionals out to protect the interests of US citizens. Once Biden was installed, he immediately rejected Trump’s wall. It was a signal to ‘come on in.’ It was a green light shining permanently, even though Biden claimed it was a red light.

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If Joe lands a second term (by means of cheating), it could easily spell the end of America as we know it. He wants an endless stream of illegal ‘migrants’ coming into our country. We know neither the identities nor intentions of this invading horde. They speak different languages and conduct different cultures. They probably don’t care about the Constitution or what it means to be an American. They are an insult to those who come here legally. Many border-crossing children have been whisked away by Biden and flown on jets to mystery locations where they disappear. My guess is they’re forced into a child trafficking ring. Perhaps Pedo Joe has already sniffed them.

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Recently Joe complained to his master (the communist party leader Xi) about the massive fentanyl problem. That was just for show. China promised to help, but of course they’ve done nothing. Xi must think he’s getting even for the opium pushed upon China years ago by the British. Violent drug cartels have invaded our southern border. Joe has done nothing. Currently there’s another caravan on the way. They are 15,000 in number and growing. Many are from Venezuela. Were they emptied from Maduro’s prisons and sent north? This harkens back to Jimmy Carter welcoming ‘refugees’ from Cuba when Castro emptied his prisons and insane asylums onto our shore. Only this time the strangers are expecting all kinds of free stuff that Joe will be sure to provide. It’s sad that Biden treats illegals better than US citizens! Too bad they can’t set up camp at Joe’s beach mansion. He’s there frequently. He has spent 40 percent of his term on vacation.

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Included in the invasion are 24,000 Chinese nationals. So far. Almost all of them are young men of fighting age. Joe allows all of them free and unquestioned entry. They can go wherever they want — just like that Chinese spy balloon. Joe is happy to let illegals flow wherever. Will those Chinese saboteurs, er, ‘migrants’ terrorize our power stations and key military installations when Xi attacks Taiwan? It sure looks like Joe Biden was compromised when his son Hunter took millions of dollars in bribes from China.

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“The situation at the border is at the center of some of Mr. Biden’s biggest priorities going into 2024,” so said the New York Times. They published a lie. The center of Biden’s priorities is the war in Ukraine. It’s a massive money laundering and kickback operation. Ukraine has zero chance to win—but by prolonging the bloodshed, certain people (including Zelensky) will rake in even more massive amounts of money. Biden doesn’t care about our border or the deleterious effects it brings to our country. He cares about Ukraine.

Banana republic Biden and his Marxist Democrats will continue to allow the ongoing invasion taking place on our southern border. One of the reasons for it: They want whites in America to become a minority. They know most of what will be a non-white majority will support whatever the banana republic tells them in exchange for free stuff. They will become perma-D voters. Sure, they might keep a few uniparty Republicans around for show, but what’s left of MAGA conservatives will be rounded up and sent to camps—just like Hillary wants.

There are too many conservative white voters in the fly-over states and that’s dangerous to Joe. He even said whites will soon become a minority and ’that’s a good thing.’ Why is it good, Joe? Aren’t you supposed to care about ALL Americans regardless of their color? He doesn’t care.

Biden is finishing what Obama started. We are getting ‘fundamentally transformed.’ 

— Ben Garrison

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