Biden’s Border Invasion

Cartoon published 03/01/2024

There was a Texas standoff at the southern border the other day. President Trump was in Eagle Pass—a place crossed heavily by illegal aliens. Joe Biden decided to go to Brownsville, a location without a lot of illegal traffic. Joe’s visit was nothing but a photo op. He didn’t want barbed wire in the background—that way he could claim all is well. It wasn’t much of a standoff—the feeble Biden could barely stand. 

Biden’s White House is now calling the invaders “newcomers.” When the Nazis invaded Poland, maybe the Polish people should have welcomed them as newcomers. The woke Biden Administration has reached new heights of absurdity.

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Meanwhile, Biden can’t be bothered to console the parents Laken Riley, a 22 year-old nursing student. She was brutally murdered by a Venezuelan illegal alien thug. Trump was the one who made the call, because he steps up and does what is right. Biden’s open border policy allowed drugs and murderers in our country. The results are a crime wave. No worries for Joe—he has plenty of agents watching his back. It’s a shame we average Americans can’t afford security guards. We’re too busy working in order to buy food at massively inflated prices. Joe doesn’t care.

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Of course, Joe is a puppet who was installed to do the bidding of his globalist masters. They want America destroyed and Joe is doing a good job for them. Klaus Schwab remarked that communist China is the template. The billionaire oligarchs would love to have the power and control the Communist Party in China enjoys. But first, they must have open borders in order to erase all opposition to their goal. Joe and too many in Congress are traitors.

Meanwhile, a flood of illegal aliens including military men and terrorists from all over the world will continue to waltz across our southern border ahead of Trump’s re-election. They know they’d better get in now ahead of the great deportation. Trump has been quoting Eisenhower, who deported millions during his presidency. This needs to happen again.

Biden has blood on his hands. He’s getting it all over the ice cream cones he constantly licks.

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