Will Ireland Lose Their Freedom Of Speech?

“They’re always after me lucky Free Speech”

Cartoon published 11/30/2023

The first thing a tyrannical government will do is ban their citizens from owning firearms. After that, free speech is eliminated. Ireland already has harsh restrictions placed on firearm ownership and unlike in America, few in Ireland own guns.

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The government in Ireland is currently ramping up ‘hate speech’ laws. Apparently people such as Conor McGregor can’t complain when a Muslim migrant brutally slashed several young schoolchildren and a teacher with a knife. Oh no, complaining about Muslim crime is considered ‘hate speech.’ Just ask Tommy Robinson in England. He spent a lot of time in jail cells just because he rang alarm bells.

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Ireland, Great Britain, Western Europe, and America all face an influx of wide open border invaders. Some are criminals. Some may be terrorists. Most have different cultures and many of those cultures are at odds with western democracy. This is what the globalists want—our destruction. They want total power by means of dumbing us down, forcing us into fear, poverty, and being overwhelmed by crime. Soros has been busy in America. His money helps install socialist district attorneys throughout the country who side with criminals.

The top of the pyramid especially does not want us to have the ability to speak out and fight back. In that manner we become easily controlled.

The Bee weighs in.

What’s happening in Ireland is what the globalists want for us here In America. Joe Biden has already rejected nationalism. In once speech he even claimed to be a globalist, as did Obama, who pledged allegiance to the U.N. The globalist forces are working tirelessly by taking advantage of mass shootings (real or false flags) to bring about incremental gun controls and bans. The power elite are already quashing free speech. Look at what Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube did ahead of the 2020 election. Conservatives were kicked off and shut down (it happened to us), while big corporations fired those who spoke out against mandatory vaccines.


Many countries are waking up. The people do not want Soviet-Union or communist China-style socialism. The Netherlands, New Zealand, The United States, Ireland, England, and Argentina all want non-socialist, non-globalist leaders. Trump may be our last chance to stop the encroaching globalist police state.

— Ben Garrison

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