Cup o’ Joe, More like a Hot Mess…

Cartoon published 05/02/2024

Starbucks’ stock took a big plunge the other day after they missed guidance. Apparently people aren’t buying as many lattés as they used to—because of Bidenomics. What? You can’t afford that $7.00 latte?

If Joe were a cup of coffee, he’d be very pricey and more bitter than the Starbucks brand. Nobody would drink him. Everything he had done has been a disaster. His handlers are forced to brew up lies. They pour out all kinds of whoppers and gaslight us. They tell us the borders are closed, the economy is strong, millions of illegals are our strength, and the green energy policy has been a success. Americans are spitting out those bitter lies. They can see the cracks in Joe’s presidency. 

If Biden really does debate Trump, he will have to down a lot of ‘caffeine’  (wink wink) to counteract his deep somnambulant senescence. Like Starbucks, Joe’s stock has been falling—he has been as popular as a coffee stain on an expensive white shirt. Biden and his crew will have one final strategy and I will spill the beans: They will again steal the election.


Here is what they are brewing up:

• Millions of non-citizens will be marking ballots—or Democrat mules will do the voting for them. Dead people will vote.


• There will be more votes than citizens. Ballots will be delivered past midnight and they will deliver as many Biden ballots as it takes. Trucks will deliver ballots on pallets—all for Joe. It will happen in the wee hours when only the well-caffeinated will still be awake.


• Cameras will be turned off in Democrat precincts. Nobody will be allowed to see them cheat. Republicans assigned to monitor such things will be forced to stand well away from the counting.


• Voting machines will change votes from Trump to Biden. The Chinese can easily hack the machines. The Chicoms can’t tolerate Trump regaining the presidency. Joe is their stooge.

• Look for the vote counting to stop in some of the key states for no reason at all. They will remain delayed until Joe wins.


• In the Democrat precincts, they will scan votes for Joe over and over again. They will also accept ballots from people voting multiple times. People who didn’t even know they voted will vote. Look for Trump votes to be shredded.


Cheating is only thing the Bolshevik Democrats can do to win—they did it before and they’ll do it again. It will be like spilling hot coffee in the laps of the American people and if anyone complains you can be sure they’ll be well-roasted by Joe’s ‘authorities.’

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We need to make sure there is such an overwhelming landslide of votes for Trump that this worst case scenario does not happen.

— Ben Garrison

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